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Welcome to L’Atelier Source for Talent. 

We offer creative retreat workshops mainly in Westhampton (NY) and Philadelphia (PA), but also in Belgium, Italy and Mexico. We invite individuals to experience a new shift in their heart, mind and spirit and to embody their creative genius through their unique talents and mission.

L’Atelier Source for Talent is a supportive, inspiring and warm environment that opens channels to creative self-expression and the whispers of the spirit. Genuine sharing and heartfelt feedback will nurture your self love, clarity and trust.

Come with your beautiful self and join us!


Our Workshops

Our workshops are designed to support and to guide people in discovering and exploring their unique gifts, talents and life mission. Along with meditation, movement and creative activities, we offer specific guidelines that engage participants organically in a playful, intuitive process.

We encourage people to express themselves creatively (using paint, colors, papers, recycled fabrics and natural objects) and through writing. The process allows participants to access and bring into existence their unconscious, untapped resources and inner realities. 

L’Atelier helps us shine our light and put into action the universal love flowing in our veins.

Upcoming Workshops & Events

Retreat Center

L'Atelier Source For Talent offers various workshops mainly at two locations:

  • Westhampton, NY: Nestled in the South Fork of Long Island in the Hamptons, L’Atelier is an inspiring Retreat Center with delightful gardens, a beautiful swimming pool, a vegetable garden, lovely private rooms and a magnificent and big art studio. 
  • Philadelphia, PA: Located in Queen Village, Philadelphia, the Happy Loft is a beautiful space with an amazing view of the city skyline that is filled with colorful art simply calling you to create. 

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