L'Atelier Source For Talent


L'Atelier Source for Talent

Weaving Artistry, Humanity and Spirit


The mission of L'Atelier Source For Talent is to guide and support individuals in discovering, embracing and engaging their unique gifts and life purpose with the help and expertise of a creative and vibrant community. 

Our vision

We envision a new humanity defined by togetherness in which people live from their place of wisdom, intuition and intelligence with the goal of experiencing harmony with oneself, each other and nature.

THE program

Through diverse creative workshops, vital sharing, inspiring lectures, play and celebrations, we invite people to embark on an exciting and sacred journey to their creative inner Self. This training program is designed to prepare individuals in becoming experts in education and creativity.  


  • To identify and put into action our unique talents, engaging further our life purpose with ease, clarity and creativity;
  • To foster our personal and communal skills through play, creation and reflection;
  • To support participants in their self-discovery journey, and to support them in fully embracing who they are and their life purpose;
  • To unveil the original essence and beauty, which is at the source of our unique gifts;
  • To shift into a new perception of reality, challenging old or/and unconscious belief systems.

Who we are as a community

  • We are a circle of emerging and accomplished teachers, healers and  artists offering the best of their unique talents to participants;
  • As a profoundly loving and safe community, we provide a cocoon to conceive and grow in our soul-purpose;
  • By connecting with one another, we activate and inspire each other’s feelings and thoughts, and we amplify each other’s vibrations and trust;
  • Together we dance and celebrate; we generate unity, conviviality and prosperity.

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