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Education training

Education Training

For people passionate about creativity, gifts and humanity

This Training Program is designed to encourage people to unleash their creative genius and their unique gifts and life mission(s).

This program is structured around 4 pillars of solidity to support people as they take root in their true essence, higher consciousness and divine creative impulse.

Efficient tools will be given to navigate through new perspectives, new opportunities and new ways of life, as people discover and begin to manifest their calling through this self-discovery process.


Our 4 pillars of solidity:

1. The authenticity of our original beauty;

2. The specificity of our gifts, relationships and life-purpose;

3. The docility to our intuitions, creative impulse and vision;

4. The harmony with all parts of ourselves, others and the universe.

By building our lives on these four pillars, we will acquire:

  • The audacity of our authentic expression.
  • The strength to welcome our light and shadows.
  • The capacity to transform obstacles and wounds into opportunities, fortifying and healing ourselves.           
  • The trust to embody the divine essence through our mission.
  • An attentive ear to listen to our deep needs.
  • New spaces to be inventive, to play and celebrate, and to laugh.

Through these four pillars, we will experience more affective maturity, docility to our deep consciousness and real solidity.

To further advance the essential track of our life mission(s), we need new tools that enable us to:

  • Identify and decipher our sensations
  • Make decisions from our deep consciousness
  • Learn how to support others through relational skills
  • Train our unconditional gaze on people’s gifts
  • Learn how to feel and give adjusted and constructive feedback
  • Develop a determination to know ourselves
  • Cultivate unconditional love
  • Trust our inner knowing
  • Cultivate humility towards our own truth
  • Enhance our creativity

By using different creative medium(s) (sounds, music, colors, textures, shapes, collage, textiles, etc.), we will develop our sense of play, newness, audacity, ingenuity and inner knowing. These creative tools and the writing process will make unseen realities visible to our inner world; they will renew our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual patterns.

Through this training, we will enhance our sense of collective dimension through our collective sharing and heart-felt feedback. We will give birth to our universal being lodged at the heart of our original beauty.


6 weekends (2 days) a year for two years (sliding scale between $120 and $150 per day). If you have other suggestions, please let me know.

Together, we will become explorers and researchers.

During the second year, we will deepen our expertise, knowledge, gifts and mission(s).

The third year will be dedicated to the practice of our gifts and mission(s) under individual and collective supervision.

Welcome to this training program, which will open to new ways of being and living!


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