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L’Atelier Source for Talent offers creative retreat workshops mainly in Westhampton (NY) and Philadelphia (PA), but also in Belgium, Italy and Mexico. We invite individuals to experience a new shift in their heart, mind and spirit and to embody their creative genius through their unique talents and mission. L’Atelier Source for Talent is a supportive, inspiring and warm environment that opens channels to self-expression and the whispers of the spirit. Genuine sharing and heartfelt feedback will nurture self love, clarity and trust.

Our workshops are designed to support and to guide people in discovering and exploring their unique gifts, talents and life mission. Along with meditation, movement and creative activities, we offer specific guidelines that engage participants organically in a playful, intuitive process.

The workshop encourages people to express themselves creatively (using paint, colors, papers, recycled fabrics and natural objects) and through writing. The process allows participants to access and bring into existence their unconscious, untapped resources and inner realities. As participants share their discoveries, they receive genuine and constructive feedback. The process is ultimately transformative, healing, opening the heart, body and mind, empowering a person’s unique voice to emerge. What results is a truly new sense of trust, clarity and vitality.

Roseline’s guidance and the support of the group allowed me to break through an obstacle and unleash a whole new level of creativity. Using art as a means of expression deepened the experience as I examined an ancient wound. You might call this process a game-changer. I would go as far as calling it life-changing!
— C.S. Hanson Playwright

Workshops description

While our society is experiencing shifts and turmoil, we are also witnessing the creation and implementation of new creative projects and initiatives that are contributing to positive changes for a better humanity. Each one of us has unique talents and a personal mission that we can offer to the world and each other.

We have the potential to experience real joy when we contribute to our communities and, consequently, humanity. L’Atelier invites people to identify and manifest their specific gifts and mission in order to contribute to humanity.

L’Atelier helps us shine our light and put into action the universal love that flows within us.

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